We're currently offering a semester (January to June, 2018) of 10 sessions on social media marketing for businesses.

Pricing per session ranges from $45 to $85.

Sessions are two hours long, including a break and time for discussion and questions.

Bring paper and pen for taking notes. These are more of a lecture style than a workshop, so a laptop is not required for any activities.

All sessions take place at The Port Coworking Space:

105 8 Street South, Lethbridge


Social Sessions 2018

Jan. 24 — 101: Intro to Effective Social Media Marketing

Feb. 21 — 205: Creating Compelling Social Content

Mar. 21 — 211: Intermediate Facebook Marketing

Apr. 4 — 212: Intermediate Instagram Marketing

Apr. 18 — 213: Intermediate YouTube Marketing

May 2 — 214: Intermediate Twitter Marketing

May 16 — 215: Intermediate LinkedIn Marketing

May 30 — 216: Intermediate Snapchat Marketing

June 13 — 217: Intermediate Pinterest Marketing

June 27 — 311: Mastering Facebook Pixel and Ads

Upcoming Seminars

Social Session 211: Intermediate Facebook Marketing

March 21, 2018

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.


Learn how to turn Facebook into your greatest marketing tool!

If you've attended past seminars (101 or 205), then you'll have a good foundation to build more specific skills as they relate to Facebook. Or if you haven't been to a seminar but feel like you know your way around the platform pretty well, this session is for you.

Facebook is the second-most visited website in the world, topped only by Google. It's the largest social network and the most powerful. As more people and brands and businesses and publishers flock to Facebook, it's becoming harder and harder to break through the noise and actually have an impact. It's a lot more complicated than just creating a page and starting to post.

This session will explore the many ways Facebook can be used to benefit your business, with real actionable takeaways that will hep you stand out from the crowd. When used effectively, Facebook cannot be beat on the return on your investment.

Social Session 211 is an intermediate-level seminar that will teach you how to:

  • use all of the publishing tools to post to a page
  • measure performance of content
  • utilize groups for best engagement
  • create and optimize events
  • become preferred by the algorithm

After this session, you'll be able to fully make use of the multi-faceted, powerful tool that is Facebook, connecting your business or brand with your audience in powerful ways.

Past Seminars

Social Session 101: Intro to Effective Social Media Marketing

January 24, 2018

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.


Learn how to use social media effectively to market your business or brand!

Because it's simple to set up and use, many businesses are jumping into the world of social media marketing without much knowledge of how or why, but with a sense that they "should" be. This leads to disappointment as business owners realize they aren't getting the reach and engagement they had hoped.

But don't dismiss social media marketing as an overhyped black hole for your time and money. Social media can and will be your business's most cost-effective marketing strategy once you're equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to be effective!

Social Session 101 is an intro-level seminar that will teach you how to:

  • create a goal-focused strategy
  • decide which social platforms to use
  • know what to post, when, and how often
  • create great content to share

You'll go home with a clear understanding of what social media can do for your business and how to take the first steps to becoming a social superstar.


February 21, 2018

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.


Learn how to create fantastic content for your social media channels in less time!

If you've attended Social Session 101 or have a bit of knowledge about the value in social media marketing, you know the huge opportunity in having effective social media channels for your business or brand. But as much as you believe in the value of social media marketing and the importance of posting content your audience responds to, you might still be struggling with putting that into practice and actually producing compelling social content.

What should you post? How do you create professional-looking content without hiring expensive graphic designers?

This seminar is going to give you some invaluable tips and tools to be able to create fantastic content every day without taking up much of your limited time.

Social Session 205 is an intermediate-level seminar that will teach you how to:

  • generate content ideas
  • plan a content calendar
  • produce high-performing videos and images
  • create graphics and infographics
  • use tools that make you more productive

By the end of the night, you'll be able to create compelling content for your social media channels that will make your followers think you have a whole marketing and design team working for you!